Program Details

How the program works

  1. Solar generators get started by onboarding their devices to the platform. This process involves sending us some information on your company and your solar fleet. A dedicated customer specialist will guide you through this process.

  1. Once onboard, the Rewatt engine will immediately begin to record your data and prepare for the eventual creation of your emissions offsets.

  • Behind the scenes, your generation is first pooled into a "project" (a regulatory vehicle) which ensures your sites are officially entitled to start creating credits.

  • The Rewatt engine will then begin to prepare your credits: it will record and quantify your emissions impact by reading generation and consumption data directly from your devices, calculate the offsets you are entitled to under the most recent regulatory standards, have these calculations verified by an accredited auditor, and serialize these offsets on the provincial registry (a process by which your offsets receive unique identification numbers). Afterwards your newly created solar offsets will then be sold to buyers.

  • This cycle typically takes place over one year, although Rewatt reserves the right to increase transaction frequency if supply volume is high and buying demand looks favourable to clients.

  1. Offsets are sold at the spot price in the Alberta TIER market. Rewatt takes a percentage fee on successful transactions (there are no other fees). If the spot price increases - which is typical in an environment of rising carbon prices - you capture this upside.

  1. The sites you connect to our platform will be entitled to generate credits for eight years. Known as the "Offset Period", this length of time is stipulated by regulation and during it we require an exclusive contract with your onboarded sites.

Once the offset period is over, if you choose to remain on the platform, then we can either create renewable energy certificates (RECs) for sale for you or apply for a renewable offset period extension - if granted, renewal will entitle your sites to create emissions offsets for another five years.