Alberta Solar Credits

Did you know you can get paid for solar offset credits generated by your solar PV system?

As a solar generator in Alberta, you are entitled to sell the carbon offsets generated from your solar electricity generation. Making and selling these credits is simple – and an ultra-low risk way to boost your solar revenues. There are very few requirements to participate -- this brochure will explain what's involved.

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Introducing: Alberta Solar Offset Credits

The Alberta Solar Offset Credits program is a powerful, proven program that allows you to easily improve the ROI on your solar investment. Now available on Rewatt Market, an online marketplace for the generation and trade of environmental credits.

Find out what thousands of solar generators across Alberta already know: carbon prices are rising and one of the best ways to benefit from this trend is by selling carbon offset credits.

One platform for all your solar credit needs

Rewatt Market makes it easy for Alberta solar generators to create and sell premium offsets

How the program works:

1. You connect your solar generation to Rewatt Market and join a project (a regulatory vehicle) which allows you to start generating credits.

2. Credits are prepared on your behalf: everything that is normally cumbersome and costly is taken care of for you.

3. For 8 years you generate as many credits as possible and collect 8 years worth of additional revenue.


This program might be for you if:

  • You are a solar generator in Alberta

  • Are looking for additional revenues from your solar project with little to no risk

  • Believe the carbon price is going up and want to participate in that upside

  • Legally own the right to create offsets from your generation and haven't given it away as part of a grant program (if you have received grant funding you may not qualify)

  • Have a project that is operational or shovel ready


Solar generators on Rewatt Market:

  • Gain access to additional revenues at minimum cost

  • Gain access to a large pool of buyers

  • Partake in the upside of carbon prices (competitor programs tend to offer a capped price and net the upside for themselves)

  • Benefit from superior technological infrastructure that protects privacy

  • May boost project IRRs by as much as 15%


The best deal in Alberta

Competitive products charge as much as 40% and net the upside for themselves.

Start generating credits today.