How much you could earn

Your earnings are dependent on how much energy your system can produce.

Which system size below is closest to yours?

If none of them are close, then you can roughly estimate your earnings. For example, a 20kW system is 2-times larger than a 10kW system. Thus, the earnings from the 20kW is also 2-times more!

10kW System (DC)

100kW System (DC)

1000kW System (DC)


  • Earnings amounts are estimated and not guaranteed.

  • Market Scenarios: Spot price in the Alberta carbon market are expected to be 20-30% discounted from the carbon price.

    • High Return: 20% discount from Canadian carbon price.

    • Expected Return: 35% discount from Canadian carbon price.

    • Low Return: Fixed price of $25/tonne.

  • Carbon prices are expected to rise annually by $15/tonne from 2023 to 2030 as per Canadian regulation.

  • Rewatt transaction fee: 25% per successful transaction (no other fees)

  • Specific Yield used in Calculation: 1200 kWh/kWp (average for Alberta) in Year 1 with a two percent decline in production annually.

  • Emissions Factor (EF): currently, the Alberta EF is 0.57, and we expect the EF to decline over time as more renewables connect to the grid.

  • Payment: Minimum once per year, anticipated every January of the following year. Exceptions apply.

  • Regulated Carbon Market: Following the regulation as set by the Alberta TIER Offset System. Emission credits are registered and publicly listed on the Alberta Emission Offset Registry currently operated by CSA Group.