About Rewatt

Let us power your climate goals.

Our mission at Rewatt is to make it possible for any organization to take climate action. We believe it should be much easier for organizations to decarbonize and access the carbon markets that were created to support them.

Unfortunately, up until recently participation in Alberta's solar offset markets has been severely limited. Data reporting and verification requirements have been so complicated and costly that most small-scale solar projects have not bothered to generate these credits. As result, hundreds of solar entrepreneurs have missed out on millions of dollars in funding support. Considering how much Canada needs our new green entrepreneurs -- this is a real shame.

We launched our online marketplace, Rewatt Market, to help address this gap. Rewatt Market helps organizations to generate and trade high-quality offsets and credits. By automating and scaling the credit generation process, we dramatically lower the cost of production to our clients -- freeing them to finally make the most of their solar generation.

About Rewatt Power

At Rewatt we believe in doing well while doing good. Everything we do is about empowering our clients to move faster towards their climate goals. Our two products focus on just that -- our online marketplace, Rewatt Market, helps organizations to generate and trade high-quality offsets and credits, while our software platform, Rewatt Connect, helps companies and municipalities to run financial incentive and climate programs with their clients, employees and stakeholders.